Taste the wine

“If you want to know what real wine is, you should go to Georgia, the homeland of wine” – Luca Gargano, Italian wine expert.

Georgia takes pride in its 8,000 years of winemaking history. It is considered to be one of the oldest wine-producing regions of the world .
Shulaveri archaeological excavations have discovered pottery (used for wine storage) with grape clusters on it, which is considered to be the oldest in the world. Traditional Georgian ‘kvevri’ (large ceramic storage vessels for wine often buried below ground or set into the floors of large wine cellars) which are used for wine fermentation and storage date back to VI-V millennium BC.

Wine is produced from more than 500 grape varieties. Kakheti is the region of Georgia which is best known for its viticulture and wine production. Georgia has preserved its culture of producing homemade kvevri wines according to ancient traditions. Such wines satisfy all kinds of tastes.

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